keyboard Janice Weber's novels, most of which have something to do with music, have a worldwide following. Her debut novel, The Secret Life of Eva Hathaway, enjoys near cult status and is widely recognized as iconic Chick Lit – though appearing years before the genre was invented. Its colorful characters, verbal virtuosity, wit, and sensuality established the hallmarks of a style that has earned Weber comparison with Mark Twain, Fran Liebowitz, Harold Pinter, and Robert Ludlum (if such a hybrid can be imagined).

Customs Violation, a foray into the flip side of feminism, followed. Men loved it!

Frost the Fiddler
, portraying the artist's life of concert violinist and secret agent Leslie Frost, was named a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times.

Devil's Food
chronicled a one night stand's tragicomic fallout on a seemingly serene marriage.

Secret agent Frost returned – and barely survived - in Hot Ticket.

With Amanda Brown, creator of Legally Blonde, Weber co-authored School of Fortune, the tale of a young lady who needs to finish school – any school – in order to inherit one billion dollars. It is in its second printing.

Swing Set, an account of three couples in pursuit of happiness via casual bigamy, is now available on Kindle, Nook, and paper.

Miss Weber has written three screenplays and is currently working on a television pilot.