From time immemorial the fragile, fragrant rose has inspired poet and musician. Not surprisingly, the inexhaustible piano repertoire boasts a panoply of “rose” pieces by composers well known and previously well known, composers never known, vaguely known, or recently (but posthumously) resurrected from anonymity. Though these twenty-one takes on the rose are as individual as the arcs of their composers’ lives, a prevailing affection for the “sweetest flower” infuses all. This collection is the souvenir of an age when a mere blush, or a single rose, spoke volumes for a lover’s heart.

Joseph Ascher - The Cascade of Roses
Heino Kaski - Das Mädchen im Rosengarten
Walter Niemann - Rosen am Gartenhaus and Gelbe Rosen
Adolf Jensen - Weisse Rose
Ede Poldini - Beauty of the Prairies
Ethelbert Nevin - Mighty Lak’ a Rose
Marie Jaëll - Roses Flétries
Scott Joplin - Rose Leaf Rag
Harvey Loomis - Rose of Yesteryear
Julius Zarembski - Les Roses et les Épines
Edward MacDowell  - To a Wild Rose
Elliott Griffis - Yellow Rose
Ernest Dale - Damask Rose
John Wesley Work - Big Bunch of Roses
Hayden Wood - Roses of Picardy
Billy Mayerl - Evening Primrose
Frederick D’Erlanger - Midnight Roses Waltz
Reynaldo Hahn - La Rose de Blida
Strauss-Giesen - Roses from the South
Schubert-Liszt - Die Rose
Ernest de Regge - The Last Rose of Summer